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Staffing, Training & Management

One of the most important issues treatment centers have staffing.  One of the biggest mistakes made in starting a treatment center from the ground up or operating and existing center is staffing. Mistakes are made by over staffing, not having the right staff for the right job and center or having to little staff as required by State licensing. Your center’s staff will contribute to the success, or failure, or your center. If you are opening a new center and are new to this industry, you may not understand staffing needs. This is where the ORC can help. We do!

Our addiction treatment staffing oversight is straight forward.  Our executive, clinical and medical staff will assist you in developing an effective organization chart based on your State licensing requirements. We will help you negotiate each clinical and professional staff member contract and assist you in setting up your operational duties and responsibilities of each member. We offer staff training for billing, HR and admission. if you have staff in place, and simply think it could be better, we can help by reviewing everything with you and providing recommendations on your current staff. 

With over 19 years in the treatment space, we have a lot of connection with the top talent in this industry.  Most of the time, we are able to generate a hire for our client through our professional network, although we also use job postings, and the major websites such as Linkedin to find exactly what your center needs. To learn about the process more, or to have your questions answered, give us a call today.  We will be happy to help you find the right staff for your center.

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