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Developing Your Recovery Center Program Plan

The process of opening a treatment center must begin with developing your program. For instance, is your program going to be 12 steps, cognitive thinking, gender-specific, adventure, or offer equine services? This process will require you to identify the services the center will offer such as detox, residential, equine, adventure, 12 steps, PHP, and IOP.  In addition to your services, you will need to identify the type of modalities and treatments you want to provide.


It is very important that you understand the different treatment modalities as they play a huge roll in how you administer your program. The more time spent reviewing options, and working with our professionals on your program the better. We have found with our 19 years of combined experience that the more planning you do in the beginning, the more successful you will be.

Once your planning has been completed, we will then discuss and evaluate your recovery center to ensure the treatment plan outlined within your program is the most effective for your clients and their treatment needs. The main focus of this evaluation outline is to ensure that clients are receiving the best possible care. This is also the time to start the process of  JCAHO accreditation.  These accreditations are taken strongly into consideration when it comes to your evaluation of treatment and of vital importance to the insurance companies that you will be billing and collecting from. Read more about this on the JACHO  pages.

With over 18 years of combined experience in the addiction treatment space, including Executive Directors and Founders of programs and treatment centers, we understand where most centers make mistakes when opening and can assist you in avoiding the mistakes allowing you to be more successful. Call us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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