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We have found that it takes a great deal of targeted marketing to be effective in filling beds. Marketing through traditional platforms such as billboards, print, television and radio are a must in order to develop brand awareness, fill up your available beds and keep them full.


The founder of our company, Marsha Stafford had a very successful career in the addiction/recovery field. Over the years, we have learned what does and what does not work in this industry and you will have the opportunity to benefit from our knowledge insuring a better outcome of success. We work with third party marketing partners that understand this market and can work with your team to assure success.



The reason you have decided to open a treatment center for substance abuse disorders is because you care about helping others. You care about educating them and helping them learn to become sober. At New U Recovery Consulting, we care about the same things. That’s why we own multiple treatment centers of our own. That’s why we spend so much time helping our clients in developing a good program and why we help you define and refine your marketing strategy. Your success is our success too.  

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