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Obtaining licensure is the first and foremost important step in opening a new treatment center. The requirements of each State is different but most states require licensing for the types of treatment services that you will provide. Our management professionals have over 19 years of combined Practice Management experience in working with State licensure to make this part of the process easy for you. 

Submitting the paperwork needed for licensure correctly is vital for licensure approval. If not done correctly the first time, it will cost precious time and valuable money to fix. We work to identify every area that may be an issue with the licensing board in your State and work to resolve the issue before submitting paperwork. We find that doing it right the first time means less expense to you and that your center will be open much sooner,  thus meeting your proforma opening projections and starting the cash flow. 


Once we are retained, we will travel to your facility or proposed facility for an initial meeting. We will make a site visit to the facility with you to ensure your site is ready for the board reviews or a complete, start to finish, the licensure process may be in order. We will travel to and work with officials in your state to meet the local requirements of licensure application. Most of our clients have us handle the entire process for them start to finish, which frees them up to manage the finance and business side of things while we focus on ensuring that you receive licensure. If we handle the process from start to finish, we guarantee the success of licensing in your state provided you meet the qualifications.


Our price for licensure management depends on the state where you are opening a new treatment center. Our standard flat rate fee for managing the licensing of your center is $2,000 to $3,000 depending on the state. Some states take a longer to get through the entrenched bureaucracy than others which means the pricing varies. Meaning the pricing may be lower. If you are wanting or needing to be JCAHO certified and accredited which we highly recommend for insurance billing requirements, we can bundle the two together to save you money. Our flat rate for including both the initial licensure and JACHO accreditation ranges from $6,000 to $15,000 depending on the state. 

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