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The most vital and important part of a successful treatment center is verification of benefit and billing for services to insurance companies. Without this, you will not make it in this industry. Imagine what would happen if you opened your new center and billed out $500,000 in uncollectables insurance billing due to internal mistakes made by staffing? How would this effect your bottom line and business? This is where New U Recovery Consulting can really help. We know this space and have done it for a long time.


The first step in ensuring a quality ROI with each admission is understanding what the specific insurance policy will and won’t cover. Then you must identify what the daily payable rate for each level of care is, i.e., Detox, Residential, PHP, IOP and other services.  Then you need to make the required notes, medical and professional oversight, 

Insurance Billing & Software

medical and professional oversight, process group requirements etc. Without understanding these basics, you could take a policy that pays under your minimum needs, placing you in the red for that specific client. Our professionals will work with you to identify these issues and help you hire, train staff and supply you with the needed billing and medical management software to manage this process for you as this is an extremely important part of the recovery business and to your success.


Sadly, there are many medical billing companies which have come over to the substance abuse space.  The issue is that those companies are used to working with primary care doctors which don’t really use substance abuse billing codes and processes.  Almost always this lack of experience leads to miss-billing and uncollectable billings due to insurance reviews.  Most of these companies will take a percentage of the total collected amount from the insurance company. Because of this, they have a vested interest in collecting as quickly as possible. All of this is good if you have chosen the right billing company. Choosing the wrong once may insure that you are always in review by the insurance companies and that claims are being constantly denied and or delayed.


We have a lot of experience in this space. We use specific companies and recommended medical management billing software. Our professionals will work with you and your internal staff to ensure that everything is set up for you to be successful. This means hiring of a staff members, training them, assisting in selecting the best software and billing company to manage this process to ensure maximum billing payout. To learn more about how we can help your center increase billings or to ensure that your new center is set up for success, Call us today!

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