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More and more insurance companies are now requiring CARF accreditation for entry into the facility, and those centers certified will find themselves having an easier time finding patients with quality insurance, billing and collection of fees. Achieving this accreditation will expand a centers reach and allow them to accept more insurance clients. It will also help you achieve success in collecting the insurance billing from your center.  

CARF Accreditation

Our professionals have worked for over 18 combined years in the treatment industry as Owners, Counselors, Clinical Directors, Medical Directors and Executive Directors. We understand the importance of this accreditation and know exactly how to work with you to achieve it. We have a 100% success rate of having our clients receiving CARF accreditation.

Our treatment consultation services begin with your first thoughts of considering accreditation or to help you address the recommendations received on a prior survey. It is very important for us to know and understand all past recommendations so we can help you move forward to your goal. 

If you choose to have your urinalysis testing done outside of your company, we have several third party testing companies that are professional, cost effective, and will work with your company to bill insurance, provide a sliding scale for cash paying clients.

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